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This is my first time attempting to configure wireless, so I am not sure what output I should be expecting on some screens.  Whatever the case, I can't connect to my test open network using my Intel 6205 Wireless card on my laptop (Thinkpad X230) running ArcaOS5.  I have installed Genmac 2.20 (from the website) and the Intel TEST drivers (0.4.6) from http://www.os2world.com/wiki/index.php/GenMU.  I can add a network device of my card type and code (8086:0085).  I then use xwlan (3.12) to try and connect to my open network (using a profile).

I think the driver is installed based off the Genmac wireless scan output (attached genmac scan output) and the ifconfig lan1 having different flags than lan2 (attached ifconfig output).

The one weird thing I've noticed is that on the Device tab of xwlan properties, there's no Wireless LAN device driver listed in the dropdown, however driver version and capabilities are listed as the doco says (attached wxlan devices tab screenshot).  I think this is because GenMac isn't listing a name for the device in its output though, so it probably is carrying over.

Are there any logs I can look at?  Can anyone point me in the proper direction?  I looked at the Genmac log in C:\genmac\driver\wrnd32.log, but I think that's all OK (no obvious errors that I can spot at least).  I'm running out of ways to debug, besides looking at random files I come across on the filesystem ;)  Any tips would be appreciated.


Hi Eric

You can have a look through \ibmcom\lantran.log and also check \ibmcom\protocol.ini looks right.

Due to the problems I bumped into trying to get an Intel 5100 working I can only offer some advice - you may not like it as it means reinstalling ArcaOS. These are the steps I needed to take to get an Intel (Dell) 5100 wireless nic working - hopefully I have not missed anything out.

1] During ArcaOS Reinstall select a genmac wireless nic to install. Reason: All required supporting software gets installed at this point - it is far more difficult to get xwlan, dhclient etc working by installing later.

2] When the ArcaOS install has finished you need to use Warpin (Install/Uninstall folder) to remove genmac - do not worry about the driver, leave that alone.

3] Install genmac from the GENMAC2.WPI package - not sure if this is available online so do not have a download link. I lifted this version from the eComStation2.2beta2 DVD (\CID\SERVER\ECSPKG\GENMAC2.WPI). If you do not have that eCS dvd and cannot find a copy online I guess I could email you a copy.

4] Install the required genmac driver pack then check that the w8086x0085.nif file is correct - I have noticed the odd mistake in these nif files, sometimes the vendor:device ids get a little scrambled ie the w8086:4232.nif file I use had some mistakes showing as 4332 instead of 4232 in several places in the nif file which would prevent the driver loading. I seem to recall editing the genmac\nif\w8086x4232.nif then copying the file to \ibmcom\macs overwriting the existing 8086x4232.nif file.

5] Use Adapters and Protocols (System Setup -> Network folder) to *Change* the nic to the correct nic - also check you have required Protocol(s) in place.

6] Reboot - check for driver loading OK, should be a message like "... loaded for [8086:0085]"

With luck all should now work and you should now be able to use the wireless client software installed by ArcaOS - as long as you selected a wireless nic to start with.




Thanks for your advice! I will check the logs, and if I don't see anything obvious, reinstall. I have no issue reinstalling. I just want to get this working! I'll report back.



Just an update.  I reinstalled using Pete's instructions and see much the same stuff that I saw before the reinstall.  The log file in LANTRAN.ORG (thanks again Pete!) is the same too.  I googled the code and came up with a discussion about the Intel 5100 driver reporting similar stuff.  That thread is http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.org.netlabs.genmac.user/3487.  As far as I can see, they resorted to using a wired connection, which I believe I will have to do as well.   I'm not sure how far along the Multimac stuff is at Arca Noae, but hopefully that's in the next release!

As this is a test driver that isn't confirmed to work (as far as I can see), and other people smarter than me have given up trying to get this to work for a similar card with the same error message, I'm just going to look into doing a wired connection.


Hi Eric

I had a look at the contents of GenMU_INTEL_WIFI-0-4-6.wpi to see

1] If there was any update for my 8086:4232 - I am using a driver from GENMU_TEST-0-2-7.WPI

2] What driver the N6205 uses

I believe the GenMU_INTEL_WIFI-0-4-6.wpi package is newer than the GENMU_TEST-0-2-7.WPI package but the GenMU_INTEL_WIFI-0-4-6.wpi driver listed for the 8086:4232 is older

GenMU_INTEL_WIFI-0-4-6 has these files
13-10-07  6:04a        21,488      0 a---  netw4x32.reg
13-10-07  6:05a     2,206,976      0 a---  netw4x32.sys

GENMU_TEST-0-2-7 has these files
NETW5X32 REG         4,182  8-02-13  8:51p
NETW5X32 SYS     3,630,080 26-06-08  6:15a

As you can see the GENMU_TEST-0-2-7.WPI contains the newer - and larger - driver file.

Why this may be of interest to you is that the driver for the 8086:0085 nic is

Directory of G:\OS2\DRIVERS\INTEL\DRIVER\WRAPPER_8086_0085

15-07-16  6:53a         <DIR>    530 ----  .
15-07-16  6:53a         <DIR>    699 ----  ..
13-10-07  6:04a        21,488      0 a---  netw4x32.reg
13-10-07  6:05a     2,206,976      0 a---  netw4x32.sys

So, from the above I surmise that both the 5100 and N6205 use the same driver and that the N6205 may have a better chance of working with the later driver file, NETW5X32.SYS

I think it may be a case of copying the NETW5X32.SYS file into the \genmac\driver\WRAPPER_8086_0085 directory.

Modified from original post:-

As the netw4x32.reg contains data specific to the 8086:0085 device you want to use this file but I think you need to copy it to netw5x32.reg - not sure if genmac demands a pair of matching filenames but this seems to be common to all the driver packs.

Then edit the \genmac\nif\W8086x0085.nif file to use the NETW5X32.* files - you only need to change the 4 to 5 in the filename to use. Then copy the modified \genmac\nif\W8086x0085.nif file to \ibmcom\macs overwriting the existing file.

Hope it works for you  :-)



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