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Intel 6205 Wireless, GenMAC, GenMU Test, and ArcaOS

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Valery Sedletski:
Yes, with netw4x32.sys (dated Oct 13, 2007, size 2206976 bytes) from GenMU distribution, I got the same Eric reported:
a zero MAC address, and device is not detected by XWLAN/WPA supplicant (though, IP address is
assigned and it answer to pings). I also tried a newer version of netw4x32.sys windoze driver (size
10287984 bytes), which should support Intel 6205, but it hangs when netbind.exe is loading.
So, I ended up buying a Intel 5100 from Aliexpress (just ordered it). It should work with my T420
laptop. Also, I bought Ericsson F3507g 3G card + GPS (which worked fine in OS/2 with my older
X61T laptop).


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