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OS2World Bounty System Clean-up


Martin Iturbide:

I started at the beginning of may the Bounty System yearly clean up.

At we are planning to consolidate all the bounties money in the "OS2World Common Fund".  You all can check the rules of that funding and contribute to it via paypal.


Why not to address some effort to solve the actual lack of internet wireless connection (drivers to begin with etc) as gen mac is not longer updated? possibly with a long lasting solution? Is there any linux solution portable? otherwise?


Neil Waldhauer:
There isn't enough money in the fund to buy a wireless driver. All we can do is wait for someone to make one and give it to us.

That isn't unreasonable -- some really smart people have looked at building the wireless driver, and I think they will make one after some time.

One thing that makes sense is to use the existing funds to help finance the Firefox project. There is probably enough in the fund to buy 3 or 4 more weeks of development time.

The bottom line is that the funds were contributed to improve the platform, so applying the funds to a project that is active and can use funds will get something for the money right away.


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