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Fetchmail stopped fetching mail


Hi all,

on my home server running Communigate, I use fetchmail to fetch mail from a number of email addresses that I and my family have.

Months ago fetchmail stopped being able to fetch from gmail and from dreamhost. A few days ago it stopped fetching mail from an Italian provider (Tiscali). Like with gmail and dreamhost, it hangs forever while "negotiating TLS handshake".

I'm really afraid that this problem is related to some provider's mailserver upgrade, and that sooner or later I'll be unable to fetch email at all. Anybody out there using fetchmail, or it is just me?

Thanks for a reply

Rene Hvidsoe:

I had a simular issue when my ISP was changing there mail servers even though , we was informed that customers was not affected and no changes were needed in our mail software config.  But that did turn out to be not true. We should change the TLS port settings and set Authentication to Yes.

Have you checked if your settings has changed somehow both client and server side ?

Best Regards


Andreas Schnellbacher:

--- Quote from: Rene Hvidsoe on October 22, 2017, 11:20:14 pm ---We should change the TLS port settings and set Authentication to Yes.

--- End quote ---
SMTP: In SeaMonkey I have set port 465 for SSL/TLS connections and port 587 for a STARTTLS connection.

Nothing that I can see: I still successfully fetch mail from pop.gmx.com  (POP3 SSL, port 995) while I can't download anymore from pop.tiscali.it (POP3 SSL, port 995)...  I'll try to get a more verbose output from fetchmail.


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