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Advance Notice - OS/2 - eCS User Meeting Cologne 30.11.2013

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--- Quote from: Sigurd Fastenrath on September 18, 2013, 10:29:17 am ---Hi,

as time is getting closer we would like to know if and how many people plan to visit this event. So it would be great to have a noncommittal information from those who plan to come - thank you very much in advance!

What we will have there:

- X200T , X230T and Samung Serie 7 Slate will be shown and can be tested by attendes :-) -> eCS on modern hardware
- a Presentation will be held about Installing eCS via Cloning with DFSEE
- WebCam Support will be shown
- time to meet and greet other OS/2 Users
- fun

--- End quote ---

Hi Sigurd, I can't partecipate at your great initiative in Cologne. Did you arrange something for the recordings?

Thank you.

Sigurd Fastenrath:

as it is to much work for us to establish a "Live Video" from the event (but Thomas Müller and me thought about it, but please keep in mind it is "just" an User meeting made by some amateurs) we decided to record parts of the session and the whole day with a video cam and will publish a video afterwards somewhere for download and may be on youtube.

We will try to post - if there are any - some news during the meeting in the forums and may try to join some kind of chat (jabber or whatever) but we do not have a clue about it as we both do not use this usually. But if - we will notice it in the Forums.

It is a pitty that you can not participate, but we try to spread all the informations some might want to have (how many attendends and so on and so on)

Andi B.:
Just fire up Seamonkey and put irc://chat.freenode.net/netlabs (and irc://irc.ecomstation.com/eCSger and/or irc://irc.ecomstation.com/eCS) into the address field and one of the participants should hang around there and follow discussion.


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