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Saving OS/2 icons - OS/2 icon format in 2017

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Martin Iturbide:

Just checking some other forum thread I became with this issue I always have about OS/2 icons. If I would like to save an icon in OS/2 format in 2017, on a modern display and resolution, which format should I have to select on IconEditor ?

For example, I had been saving some Icons on "Independent Small Color Form", in 1.x format and at 128x128 (I don't care much about the file size). And I had been using both IconEdit and PMView .

I know that if I save it on 2.x format it will show fine on the desktop, but it will be broken on IconEdit (Seems to be a limitation on IconEdit).

What is your experience with OS/2 formatted icons?


David Graser:
I am no expert.  Everything I know is from my experience and trial and error.

To start, you need to create a good template.  I have attached a folder icon that I use for a template.  I believe someone far more knowledgeable than me created it.  I have attached a picture of the settings and icon sizes.  Each OS/2 icon can contain multiple size icons and each used for different display resolutions.  If done in one size, the operating system will try to do its best to render it in the size required for the display setting.  Hi resolutions use 40x40 and 20x20 icons.  The lower display settings such as 600x800 use the 32x32 and 16x16 icons.  I believe OS/2 can render in 64x64, however, I am not sure when the operating system would utilize it. It can be deleted from the grouping.

Using this template, the picture copied is pasted and rendered as it should be.   Any white or light grey edges will be rendered white when displayed by the operating system.  If you don't want a white edge, these pixels will need to be deleted or darkened.

I have found that PMView does the best job rendering 64x64 pngs to smaller sizes before copying to the icon editor.

I use PMView to a resize a 64x64 to 32x32 and then copy it the the 32x32 icon setting in the icon editor.  I do this for each size.

As you can see, doing and icon is a lot of work. I wish the icon editor could do 1/2 pixels. This would eliminate the rough edges that are found in OS/2 icons.

Remember, I am no expert.  I could have some of my facts wrong.  Feel free to correct me.


David Graser:
The picture

David Graser:
I have attached a zip file containing a few of the icons I have created using this template in the past.  Enjoy. 



--- Quote from: David Graser on December 20, 2017, 06:36:11 pm ---I have attached a zip file containing a few of the icons I have created using this template in the past.  Enjoy. 

--- End quote ---

What is the license for using these icons?  Is it Public Domain?


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