Author Topic: Hobbes directory structure re-organization  (Read 24115 times)

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Re: Hobbes directory structure re-organization
« Reply #15 on: June 16, 2013, 04:28:43 am »
I just remember that there are some EXE that I don't consider acceptable anymore.

There are some EXE files that should be unacceptable. Those that are simply executable programs would be an example. A self extracting ZIP file, or a WarpIN archive packaged as an EXE file (WarpIN itself, for example), should not be a problem, but I don't know how HOBBES could tell the difference, so those cases would justify creating a ZIP file out of them.

Repacking such things can present a problem. When somebody updates a file on HOBBES, they should remove older versions, using the text file facility (another thing that some users don't seem to understand). I believe it is set up to match the user who did the original upload, as well as the exact (case sensitive) file name, or the delete doesn't happen. That means that you cannot change another person's package. If you repackage something, and upload it, the old file will still be there, possibly with no way to delete it (many older packages are simply taking up space because of that). That also creates confusion when new users go looking for something. Ian has suggested that old versions should be kept, forever, but they should not be kept in the main repository, if they are kept at all. It would be up to the HOBBES management to decide how they want to handle that, but I am sure that you could make suggestions.