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Stardock spam


Ian B Manners:
It's a shame to see a once great company go downhill so far.

When they went MS Windows only software I use to refer them to Windows users, I now tell people to stay away from them as they are not what they use to be.

I was subscribed to there emails back in the day they provided OS/2 software, over a decade ago now.

In October 2012 I started receiving emails from them again, tried unsubscribing, emailing them to remove my email address etc, there seems to be no way to stop there spam.

At the bottom of each email is something like this, it changes with each email as it seems to include a seasonal stuff :-

subscriptions.asp?ref=3Dodnt_conspromo_oct2012_halloween_unsubscribe&utm_source=3DStardckSoftware&utm_medium=3Demail&utm_term=3D1042012&utm_content=3DConsuker%3A%2BObject%2BDesktop%2BHalloween&utm_campaign=3DONT%3A%2BBoo!%2BA%2BPromo%2BCode%2Bfor%2BYou!"=style=3D"color: #7d7d7d" target=3D"_blank">click here</a>.

Doesn't do much besides give an error message.

Clicking on the unsubscribe link simply gives be a website error, "The page cannot be displayed because an internal server error has occurred."

There unsubscribe code at the bottom of each email has now changed to :-

 + getParameterByName("email");=0D=0A=0D=0Afunction
=0D=0A{=0D=0A  name =3D name.replace(/[\[]/, "\\\[").replace(/[\]]/,
=0D=0A  var regexS =3D "[\\?&]" + name + "=3D([^&#]*)";=0D=0A  var regex=
 =3D new RegExp(regexS);=0D=0A  var results =3D
=0D=0A  if(results =3D=3D null)=0D=0A   return "";=0D=0A  else=0D=0A   
 decodeURIComponent(results[1].replace(/\+/g, "

You need a javascript aware email client to unsubscribe !

Submitting spam reports to and (upstream's) has had no results.

Now I'm getting spam from EdgeRunner LLC which seems to be an associate company.

A once great company thats gone down hill so far :(

I could add them to the spam filter but I get more satisfaction from  complaining about them every month to various places but I've been doing it since October 2012, many USA ISP's dont seem to give a s4!7 about spam anymore.

Guess I'll just add the whole block to the blacklist, they don't care, I don't care. ( just don't care.

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Hi Ian

Have you tried sending an email to about these problems?



Martin Iturbide:
Hi Ian

I'm registered to those emails too, but I see the unsubscribe link working ok. It takes me to an "Account Management" page and gives me option to remove the subscription.

Can you try it again? Maybe it was something temporal.


Dave Yeo:
The problem is using JavaScript in an email. Many email clients don't support JavaScript and even those that do should have it disabled by default.

Ian B Manners:
Hi Pete and Martin,

The really strange thing is that the last email I received from them prior to this spam stuff was back in 2000, had to
check my archived emails on DVD to check and I also found the unsubscription reply email from them back then
when I decided I didn't want emails on Windows Blinds.

Tried contacting them via there support email address as well as via whois contact info, no returned errors but also no change.

I did find the Account Management page, with noscript bypass for all of that page and it gave me a page error, haven't
tried it for a while, no intention either.

No reply to any of the 20 emails so far this year I've reported to there upstream's.

but the real kicker is that I've now getting spammed by which uses the same servers as stardock

Received: from ( [])

Received: from ( [])

People and companies change :(


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