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PM app ClamDScan
« on: January 05, 2018, 07:52:37 pm »
It is mulithreaded* and use clamdscan to scan for various threats.

Use clamd on another machine if set up in the clamd.conf file.

Add it to Folder actions (XWP) and you can right click on a folder and scan the whole folder structure.

It tell you what file it has processed (percent and first number) and how many more files this and previous thread that has finished contain* and the total number of files to process in this folder/drive.

ETA: 5h is the Estimated Time of Arrival calculated on the number of files processed and the number of files left to process, not their sizes.

​You can also notice the subtle shine that pass over the progress bar. Add a copy of the DLL in the libpath so it can load and use the progress bar images.

It create a folder on the desktop called "Alert" with the files it find that contain
Malware Trojan Worm Downloader etc.
It attach the Icons it find based on the type name of the threat so one can design ones own icons and place them in the folder next to the executable.

It also add a comment to the file of what type of threat it has detected and set the association type to the same, thus somewhat reduce the ease to double-click-open the file.

*It use multi threading to speed up processing.
It first list files in the current folder and add those so it can start to scan almost right away (if the current folder doesn't contain many files). Then it hand over to up to 5 additional threads (if there are 5 or more sub folders present) to list the files there. As each thread finish, the progress bar and title bar information adjust itself to the information while it scan queued files.
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