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Greg Pringle:
You should have heard about the CPU flaws which are being called security risks.

1. They are real.

2. Not new news.

3. Only a problem if you use the internet.

Well, that said, mostly only a problem if you use software from bad sources or use a web browser or email package.

Yes, just using a web browser or email package is sufficient to be attacked. It does not matter what you actually do.

This is like the old Windows 3.1 days where viruses were everywhere and all you could really do was not share floppies.

Now, what to do?

1. Use Arcaos.

2. ???

Ok, so Arcaos has email and web browsers.
But, it is not a target OS for hackers. It would require OS/2 specific code to do the hacks and the code is not easy.

One more thing to not do. Don't use cloud computing. That is hard to do if you do much on your phone.

Another note is that the hacks take advantage of peeking into programs other than the one doing the peeking.
So, a person who does many programs at once, especially sensitive ones, is most at risk.


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