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Daniel Carroll:
I ordered a new Radeon X600 half-height with everything, cables, mounting plates etc. for cheap.

And now I have another question. Browsing through KEYBOARD.DCP and KEYB.COM I noticed the USX keyboard layout. I haven't been able to find anything about this. If you type "keyb usx" it works. It is handy as it has the ability to type all the German characters without using "dead" keys. For example "alt-gr p" gives รถ. However the code table has one problem, the dead keys don't work. If one types "`" nothing happens until you type a space, which is what should happen, but typing a vowel does nothing.

Does anyone know anything about this? A Google search finds nothing.

Daniel Carroll:
After playing with the keyboard and comparing with Windows stuff, what we have here is almost the Microsoft international keyboard. What confused me is that the key in the upper left corner of the keyboard did nothing at a prompt, but it works in word processing programs. There are two missing characters (left and right single quotes) and a few ways of typing characters don't work, but the characters can be typed by other means. So there you have it, the USX keyboard.

There are also hints of USY and USZ keyboards in the files that don't seem to actually exist as if someone stopped work suddenly. Or I could be totally wrong...

Here is a how to link:


If memory serves me correctly the USX keyboard stands for US Extended keyboard whichj is now known as the US International keyboard.  The layout and special keys diagram can be found on the net.

Edit:  Attached layout taken from one of my old IBM books.

The picture shows the US International (Microsoft) variant (usx) which is not supported under OS/2. Only US International (ux) can be configured. The Brazil br274 could also be used for US keyboards. And the primary code page matters.

I don't know if ArcaOS ships with support drivers that can handle newer keyboard layouts? Maybe one of the reasons it's not distributed in Europe where new contracts require DIN 2137-T2 or their national counterparts?

Daniel Carroll:
Type KEYB USX at a prompt. You get the Microsoft variant. The only limitations seem to be that a few of the characters are not in the code page. When you type a keyboard type as a parameter of KEYB.EXE it will let you know if it isn't an accepted keyboard code. USX, US, UX and many others are accepted, but USY for example isn't found in KEYBOARD.DCP and KEYB will tell you so.


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