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Reminder about OS/2 VOICE IIRC speaktup in about 18 hours

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Roderick Klein:
Reposting from last week:

Dear OS/2 users,

OS/2 VOICE used to organize IRC speaks with developers and organizations supporting the OS/2 community.

The good news is we will be holding a series of speaks ups via IRC.
If you are unfamiliar with how IRC works, then no problem.
While you can use an IRC client you can also use a your browser, which in my opinion is easier:
Before the meeting starts you goto the following URL:

Fill in your nickname: Its preferred if you use your real name.
At the channel name fill #os2voice.

The first IRC speakup will be targeted at Westen Europe, Afrika and the American continent.
You will be able to ask questions to the Arca Noae LCC.

The speakup with Arca Noae LLC will be held on the Saturday the 17th of February and start ats 17:00 hours Amsterdam/Berlin Time. Which means:
19:00 Moscow time
11:00am New York time
08:00am Los Angeles time

The second speakup is will be held on the Sunday the 25th of February.
I will start at 02:00 Moscow time, 0:00 Amsterdam time, local time Syndey 09:00 in the moring. This means for people in New York the second speakup will start on 24th of February 18:00 hours New York time!

This second speakup is to try and accommodate the OS/2 users in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.

Its the in tension that as many of the developers from Arca NOae will be present to answer your questions. The speakup is intended to not last longer then 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Best regards,

Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE

Eugene Gorbunoff:
OS/2 VOICE IRC speakup with Arca Noae

February 17, 2018

Here is the log of IRC-chat: http://en.os2.guru/showarticle.php?id=314

Sergey Posokhov:

--- Quote ---Q: What application will become the MAIN application for ArcaOS? The application which attracts new people and makes them buy ArcaOS. (example: 90-th, for Macintosh it was PageMaker, 2000-th: MSOffice for Windows) Do we have such "locomotive" application or Arca Noae is developing it?
--- End quote ---
May I haz to understand where is physically existed relationship between "the MAIN locomotive application" and "attracting new people and making them buy".

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Sergey

I understand the question is like what should be the "Killer Application" or "most common use of the OS" that makes the user to want to have ArcaOS.
- Killer Application of Windows (80's) = Office
- Killer Application of the Internet (late 90's) = email
- Killer Application of the iPhone = Angry birds :)   ok, Maybe it was more of having some Internet Services "on the Go" or the maps apps.

As a personal opinion the killer application of ArcaOS as it is today = "Run the OS/2 apps in modern hardware" (with the hardware limitations that we all know). This is an opinion that it may vary from each person, since someone else may consider a different feature the "Killer Application".

The problem with that "killer application" is that is only focused only to OS/2 users (Companies and individuals), but it will not provide any long term strategy to attract younger/new users to the platform. But I think there is room to improve ArcaOS's "Killer Application" in the future.


Roderick Klein:
The question was asked by Eugene. But I think its realistic to say that Arca Noae is already pretty much overloaded.
As in bringing out this killer app, I do not know why people think we as a community can come up with a killer app for OS/2. The whole idea is nice, but I simply do not think its realistic.

I think what we as a community could help with to keep current users on OS/2 and try and attrack more people to OS/2 (at least try...) is by starting with this RPM library I suggested. See articles.os2voice.org for details.
Making it easier to install software such as media players, ported games, sorted by category.

How often do I not get or to see the question what software is around for OS/2. But that is just a thought. How can we focus on things we can do today and might me easier todo that to look for one killer app...



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