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Neil Waldhauer:
I'm selling off the duplicate and unneeded items from OS/2 Museum West. Proceeds will support the Museum.


The items will ship fast via USPS priority mail and are available to ship world-wide through the eBay Global Shipping Program.

I am looking for help to store and curate the Museum. If you would like to physically store the museum, you will have access to a very large collection for your interest in OS/2. The collection is currently in Santa Cruz, CA and weighs over 1000 pounds.


That is an amazing collection. My wife would snatch me bald headed if I brought that home... ;D

Neil Waldhauer:
I have added the IBM Developer Connection collection to the list of items for sale. I now have enough sales to use the eBay international shipping, so you can see the cost right away.

Eugene Gorbunoff:
What will happen if you sell all your OS/2 items?!

Can you lose your OS/2 soul?

Neil Waldhauer:
Fear not. I am dedicated to keeping OS/2 and eComStation alive. However, I have run out of space to store all my OS/2 historical items. What is for sale is all of the duplicate items. I will continue to add items to the list, so check the URL for ebay from time to time.

I would like to find a museum or collector on the West Coast of USA who has room and the inclination to preserve all this stuff.


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