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IRC speakup with BWW this Saturday (3 of March)!


Roderick Klein:
Dear OS/2 users,

OS/2 VOICE used to organize IRC speaks with developers and organizations
supporting the OS/2 community.

The good news is we will be holding a series of speaks ups via IRC.
If you are unfamiliar with how IRC works, then no problem.
While you can use an IRC client you can also use a your browser, which
in my opinion is easier:

Before the meeting starts you goto the following URL:

Fill in your nickname: Its preferred if you use your real name.
At the channel name fill #os2voice.

The first IRC speakup will be targeted at Westen Europe, Afrika and the
American continent.

The speakup with Bitwiseworks will be held on the Saturday the 3th of
March and start ats 17:00 hours Amsterdam/Berlin Time. Which means:
19:00 Moscow time, 11:00am New York time, 08:00am Los Angeles time.
BitwiseWorks is the company that works on ports of for example Open Open
Office and Firefox to OS/2.

The speakup is intended to not last longer then 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

Best regards,

Roderick Klein
President OS/2 VOICE

Andi B.:
Is there a summary of that somewhere? Didn't find anything at os2voice.org.

There is a link to the log here:


Martin Iturbide:

I also have the logs of the speakup on the wiki.
- OS2VOICE Speak Up - March 3, 2018 ‎
- OS2VOICE Speak Up - February 25. 2018
- OS2VOICE Speak Up - February 17, 2018



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