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Test build wpa_supplicant v2.7 - v2.10-devel

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Andi B.:
Once again I updated to the latest sources from the official git repository. It's still a development version.

--- Code: ---wpa_supplicant v2.10-devel (OS/2, Dec 20 2020 18:50:55, AB)
--- End code ---
No clue when Jouni wants to make the official 2.10 version.

Be aware these build needs latest openssl and libc libraries from bww/netlabs rpm. Some workarounds in older version could be cleaned up this way.

It works on one of my machines. But as I don't use wireless very much these days it has only limited testing here.

If you like to test it get it from the usual place - https://bitbucket.org/Andi_B/os-2-wpa_supplicant/downloads/. Again, don't post direct links to files inside this directory.

There were a lot of changes made in a lot of files. Honestly I've no clue if we can use all these new features or if they are only available with more advanced driver interfaces than ours. The genmac interface and the l2_packet handling may limit some functionality on our platform. But I tried to compile with standard .config as much as possible.

As usual you can replace the supplicant coming with xwlan with this version. Or you can play with wpa_gui.exe and wpa_supplicant.conf.

Andi B.:
Updated again to current development sources (July 2021). https://bitbucket.org/Andi_B/os-2-wpa_supplicant/downloads/.

Unfortunately bitbucket has changed and no more can be used with our Seamonkey :-(. Had to install simplebrowser for uploading.


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