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Grooveshark works with the updated flashplugin


The new Flash plugin from Mensys make my browser randomly crash now and then (it is reported), but its functionality is really great. For the first time ever it is possible to view embedded movies about everywhere. For example I am now able to view my favorite TV channels' archived movies etc. And also, finally Grooveshark works! If you happen to not know about Grooveshark, http://grooveshark.com ,  it is a web-based music streamer, like Spotify, with a cool and easy usable interface. Since earlier I have it on my mobile and I like it a lot; you find lots of music new as well as older. Grooveshark provides, since about a year, also a html5 version, but it doesn't fully work on our FF of some reason (no sound and strange behaviour).

Also Grooveshark is free; however it may balance on the edge of legality. I think that an artist that want their music to be removed are offered payment. If they don't accept, the music is taken away. Read more at http://grooveshark.com/#!/legal/dmca .

Martin Iturbide:
The site works pretty good.

Thanks for sharing.

Yes it does!  For Android I would recommend Tiny Shark, nice little app.


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