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Skoda makes the baby stroller more manly


A manly baby stroller?  :o


--- Quote from: Tom Lee Mullins on August 01, 2013, 08:32:45 pm ---
A manly baby stroller?  :o

--- End quote ---

The term, "A manly baby stroller", is an oxymoron.

And while the picture is somewhat interesting from a mechanical viewpoint, it is more an effeminate parody of a manly stroller... since a stroller was designed to help a mother transport her child.

A man would simply carry his son and take pleasure in it... he would not require an aid... such a thing would simply be in his way.

Something for the so-called "men" out there, (who show more affinity with the androgyne than with the masculine), to think about.

Understand that gender modification can only be an unnatural occurrence. What was masculine yesterday, must also be masculine, (manly), today. It can be no other way...however, testicles can be "cut-off" by many means.

The problem is, today's "man" would not notice if he had lost them... and neither would he care.

I still have mine.


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