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David Graser:
I am moving my portal folders here so they are easier to find.  To use, dynamic icons must be enable for each folder you want to use them in, including the desktop.  Remember, XWP's shadow icon does not work when dynamic icons are enabled for that folder.  Thes PNG folder icons can only be used if you have ArcaOS.  You can use them how you want.  You can have a blue folder icon and when open it can be a empty blue bubble or you can use a clear port icon and so on.  I started some yellow portals.  Now I just have to find them.

The first set is the blue portal folders.

David Graser:
Clear portal folder icons

a yellow portal folder set.  Not complete,

David Graser:
Created some new "glass" Styler tbkgnds and buttons.  Be sure to check the "scale the image" under the titlebar tab in the styler setup.

David Graser:
Doodling and made a glass blue desktop background and a glass red background and a pink for the ladies.

David Graser:
I had these posted, but waited until I had enough in the package to anounce this package.  These are brand new icons.  These are not found in the other package.   


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