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Wireless woes, OS/2 3.0 Connect - Orinoco pcmcia


I have three Compaq LTE Elite laptops, the 75, 50 and 40mhz.  My wireless problems occur the same on each of them.  I have installed Warp 3.0 Connect 8.200 (Blue).  During the installation I install the pcmcia socket drivers for Compaq.  I also choose to install the TCP/IP goodies.

I have three wireless Lucent cards, two are Orinoco Gold cards and one is a Wavelan Silver.  All three work exactly the same as far as my tests have gone.
I have tried a slew of drivers, Generic Prism 2.0rc4, IBM Prism 2.5, ibmwifi2, all "work".  IBM Prism 2.0, Artem, and ibm prism, didn't work.

For the drivers that work, I put in the card and boot up.  The card powers on and appears to be working correctly.  In OS/2 the pcmcia app shows the card is "ok".  I start up the wifistate.exe utility and I can connect to either of my two open networks.  I haven't bothered trying WEP until open works first.

The wifistate app shows the connection to the access point and shows the strength.  I can do things like turn off the access point and the utility immediately shows the disconnect.  I can move farther or closer and the strength changes.  Seems connected but I guess it is not really connected....

One of my open networks is my phone's access point.  The phone never shows that anything is connected, where if I am in Win95 it shows the connection.
One of my open networks is a WRT54G with Tomato (B only).  The WRT54G shows the connection from OS/2.

The end problem is I cannot ping (my router).  So the card powers up, it "sort of" connects to the router and I can never ping the router.

As a final item, if I install the drivers for the Xircom PE2-10BT (parallel ethernet) then ping to the router works fantastic, so we know the OS is working fine.  The cards also work great in Win 95, Win 98 and Win XP so they aren't broken.

Thanks for any tips!  Hopefully I have just missed something silly.


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