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Alternatives to compiling Rust in Firefox port OS/2

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There are alternatives to llvm, using gcc, but need to be ported to OS/2. 8)

https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=MTUzMzM Mozilla's Rust Language Gets A GCC Compiler Front-End - Phoronix



https://dragonegg.llvm.org/  Using LLVM as a GCC backend

https://github.com/thepowersgang/mrustc It is not gcc, but it may have port to OS/2

Dave Yeo:
The problems are that RUST is a fast moving target with each new version of Firefox needing the latest version and it seems that it takes a lot of address space to link mixed RUST and C++ code to the point that it likely not linkable on a 32 bit OS.

This is one of the problems with rust, but is need to have more languages for OS/2!

Carlos de Luna Saenz:
I must agree and i think Rust can be a good news not just if someone wants to por Mozilla but for being a good framework where even the compiler checks some good  coding practices .

Dave Yeo:
I agree, the other day I looked at librsvg, now needs Rust to compile. Has a bunch of GTK dependencies too, which I doubt are needed for what I want it for.
The problem is skilled developers and to port something like Rust will take special skills. Before that we really need to switch GCC from outputting AOUT object files to ELF which means updating the tool chain to produce OMF from ELF and once again no one with the skills has the time and motivation.


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