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Re: Panorama v Snap Video
« Reply #30 on: May 25, 2018, 06:28:11 pm »
Is it possible to try SNAP on modern hardware? Can SNAP handle modern graphic cards in a basic VESA mode?

Yes, and yes, IF the hardware actually supports VESA mode. If it works in Panorama, it does support VESA mode (see below). You will find that SNAP will be slower than Panorama, with the buffer enabled, because SNAP doesn't have a buffer. The only reason to even try SNAP, would be with an older video adapter (15+ years) that is likely to work in accelerated mode. SNAP can also power off screens, but that doesn't always work, and it is a poor excuse to use it. Just turn the screen off with the switch (when possible).

I will qualify the above, a bit. Some video adapters only half support VESA. I have a 10 year old HP, with a NVIDIA video adapter, Panorama, and SNAP, work okay with the basic VESA modes, but not with wide screen resolutions. Performance is better with Panorama, than with SNAP, even when I use the SNAP that Arca Noae has tweaked up (don't expect miracles from that, Panorama has the same tweaks). The problem, in this case, is the NVIDIA adapter, which doesn't follow the rules, and it seems that each one of them requires special handling, which isn't likely to happen. Stay away from NVIDIA hardware.

I will also note that some incomplete information about HDMI, DVI, VGA, and DataPort has been posted above. They all work, as long as the hardware has the required capabilities (which may not include all possible combinations). A lot depends on the exact implementation (including the screen capabilities), and it may need to be set up before booting.

What is the correct and safe way to deinstall Panorama and install Snap and reverse?

First BACK UP what you have, so you can get back (to Panorama, I assume). Then, just install SNAP. It should do what is necessary, although I have seen cases where the System Setup-> Screen object doesn't get properly updated. If it doesn't show the SNAP logo, it missed something, but it still seems to work okay. You can just install Panorama again, to get back, but a restore of your backup is probably better.