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Install TCP/IP after installation with OS/2 3.0 Connect?

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My OS/2 3.0 Connect installs to the same point every time and fails 9 out of 10 times right when it should install the TCP/networking "Connect" components.  For example here are the steps it goes through:

1. Blue screen install files
2. Graphical screen select stuff like printer, tcp/ip options
3. The "disk" install.  This is from a cdrom, but it is installing Disk 1-15 from the disk folder
4. Fail here
5. When it works it reboots to a while screen with some progress meters
6. TCP/IP and networking is installed.

After the failure I can boot into OS/2 and it looks exactly like OS/2 3.0 without connect.
- I can even do a install from the floppy disks on the cd rom without issue.

What can I run after the installation, from the CD, to install the TCP/IP components into OS/2?

I thought of a much easier way to phrase this question.  If you have an existing install of os2 3.0 and want to upgrade to connect without erasing anything,  how would you do it?

Martin Iturbide:

Can you give a little more information about the OS/2 version you are using? On the command prompt run "ver /r" to see the revision of the OS/2 Warp 3 you are using.


It's 8200.  Would the software on  the cd vary wildly between versions of 3.0 connect?

Martin Iturbide:

Please, backup everything first, especially if this is a production enviroment.

On the "OS/2 System" folder there is another folder called "OS/2 Warp Connect Install/Remove".

Inside that folder you can try "Warp Connect Selective Install for Networking".



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