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I installed Jedit 5.1.0, did go with one error message. Today it seems it needs the internet. But as the message at the bottom says, don't worry.
After installation I update my startup script and Jedit does start up. In English, no Dutch (I'm Dutch). Can't be choosen too, its just not there.
After that lets load a file....

And here we have an old bug which was introduced after they kicked out the OS/2 code because no one uses OS/2 anymore.
That poor fellow never did a real search on the internet. After my complaint that we aren't dead but alive and kicking they put the code back in they said, but it seems not all of it. The fellow who took it all out never had the idea to note down what he had done. So they don't know whats missing. They took out some "old days dos stuff" and with it probably the way how to manage directories and files. Today with this latest edition Jedit can't read directories properly in OS/2. It comes up with totally nonsence.

I got this in my bug tracker file;
16:40:13 [jEdit Worker #2] [error] ErrorListDialog$ErrorEntry: i:\programs\Jedit_510\i:\programs\Jedit_510\i:\programs\Jedit_51_
16:40:13 [jEdit Worker #2] [error] ErrorListDialog$ErrorEntry: Cannot list directory.

Its all almost one line, I do have all those directories, but not in this insane way. I still use Java 160 first edition because most programs do work well with this version. Later versions do give some trouble with some programs in not having a menu on top, its there, but not displayed. I did put the bug in the bug tracker, but it seems not important enough. That's why I'm a bit down about eCS and how it all goes today, in case you ask yourself if my website is still maintained.

May be there is a trick too fool OS/2 or Jedit. Anyone?


Hi Joop

I've just installed jedit and see the problem. I doubt if there is any fix except to recode jedit to actually work properly.

What I do not see on the jedit sourceforge site is an obvious way to report the problem. Where have you reported this problem? - I'll add my bug report to yours.



Hi Pete,

--- Quote from: Pete on August 11, 2013, 06:31:20 pm ---What I do not see on the jedit sourceforge site is an obvious way to report the problem. Where have you reported this problem? - I'll add my bug report to yours.
--- End quote ---
Try this one http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3595308&group_id=588&atid=100588


Hi Joop

I added the following to your report:-

I'm using eCS2.2 operating system (aka updated OS/2) with java1.6 and see exactly the same problems with this build of jedit.

There are also problems with the jedit.cmd file included with the jedit package.  Trying from the command line I get this result:-

     1 +++   ???rc = QueryJavaVersion()?if ( rc = - 1 ) then?do? say 'java.exe cannot be found'? return - 1;
REX0013: Error 13 running J:\JAVA\JEDIT\jedit.cmd, line 1: Invalid character in program

Looking at the jedit.cmd file in a text editor that works (;-)) I cannot see any obvious problems... I would guess that the jedit.cmd file has been opened in a non-OS/2 editor and now includes hidden/non-printing characters which cause the REXX interpreter to fail.

To test this I opened the file in an OS/2 editor (e2.exe) and deleted existing line endings then recreated them. The jedit.cmd file now works to tell me that it cannot find java.exe... So the problem with jedit.cmd is that at some point it has been opened in a non-OS/2 editor that then adds something to the end of each line. Another problem is that the jedit.cmd is rather simple and will only work under some circumstances - note that it failed to locate java.exe on my system despite java being in the system PATH.

Hopefully the jedit guys will fix the directory/file access problems with jedit but I suspect that we need a Rexx expert to fix the jedit.cmd file so that it works in most cases.



Dave Yeo:
Probably the cmd file got mangled by the version control system, probably git. Quite normal for these to be set to convert CR/LF to LF and somewhat harder to have an exception for one file.


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