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Free OS/2 programming books


I haven't posted here yet. I'm downsizing and have to dispose my remaining OS/2 material. If interested, reply by email. All items available for basically the cost of shipping. Any questions, email me.

Free to good home (you pay shipping):

Backmaster backup software for OS/2 1.1, floppy and manual, see:

OS/2 Books Available for the cost of shipping
(Probably $5 or so per book, or will consolidate)
If no one is interested the books will go into the dumpster shortly.

All books soft-cover unless noted. Books will be marked unavailable when claimed.
Books have very little to no underlining, highlighting, etc.

Real-World Programming for OS/2 2.11 – Blain, Delimon, English (edges are a bit wrinkled from a water spill) 842pp + disk

OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming – Cheatham, Reich, Robinson (edges are a bit wrinkled from a water spill)  563pp

OS/2 Programming, your fast-track guide to OS/2 Covers releases 2.0 and 2.1 – Schildt and Goosey 306pp

Designing OS/2 Applications – Reich 299pp

OS/2 2.1 Workplace Shell Programming – Maruzzi  720pp + disk

Advanced OS/2 Presentation Manager Programming – Burge and Celi 369pp

OS/2 Programmer’s Guide - Ed. Iacobucci, forward by Bill Gates 1099pp

Advanced Programmer’s Guide to OS/2 – Nguyen and Moskal 880pp

Prepare for OS/2 Engineer Certification – IBM  (1996) 1140pp ISBN:9-666-61119-1
See: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i81RwPEyucrXuLWyfCRSYe-pxwop5zhmBbNrEYo6TKY

The Design of OS/2 – Deitel and Kogan  (1992) 399pp ISBN:0-201-54880-5
Book has underlining, but this does not detract from readability.
See: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1X8X3pFraEdXopVxnbDzgJzy1ZXIHEOsoPI9vH2cwdZU/

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Peter.

Just in case that nobody want some book, I will like to advice you to please do not throw them to the dumpster. Please send them over to the Internet Archive Book Drive. It may take some time until they scan those, but at least those will be preserved.

Maybe we can work out the shipping cost of the remaining books to the Internet Archive.


Neil Waldhauer:
Are you still working on your PL/1 compiler for OS/2?


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