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I tried increasing the THREADS on my system based on advice in a book called Using OS/2 Warp. I upped the value from 1024 to 2048, and upon reboot OpenOffice.org refused to launch. I'm curious why this was the only program affected by the change. Any thoughts?

I have a T43 running ecs 2.1 with 1GB ram

Dave Yeo:
I thought OS/2 only supported 1023 or 1024 threads. Perhaps after upping it the system used a small default

Hi Mick Head

The maximum threads value is 4096 according to the OS/2 Command Reference so I doubt that setting threads to 2048 has caused your system to use a "small default" as suggested by Dave.

I gather OO3 is fairly RAM intensive and suspect that increasing threads by 1024 has simply stretched your system RAM too far.

I take it that OO3 works if you reduce the threads back to 1024?

If you need more than 1024 threads I suggest you start with 1024 and gradually increase the value until you find the "breaking point" on your system. Maybe you should invest in another 1Gb RAM if you really need more than 1024 threads.




Thank you for the responses. OO works when threads are set to 1024, but anything over that and it fails to launch. No other programs seem affected, so it certainly seems like the crash has to with OO's memory demands.

The book I referred to in my post also states OS/2 supports 4095 threads, with the default being 256 and the recommended first step being to double the original amount--which in my case was 1024. I'm learning more about fine tuning OS/2-eCS settings but don't particularly need to install more RAM.

Andi B.:
Would suggest to check your free mem / shared mem with tools like freesharedmem, above512....


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