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Google invests $22 million in KaiOS

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Martin Iturbide:

I was just reading the OSNews site and found this news.

It is interesting for me because I always thought that the investment in developing an operating system was very limited on this days.

--- Quote ---KaiOS Technologies Inc., developer of the emerging operating system for smart feature phones, KaiOS, today announced a $22M Series A investment from Google to help bring the internet to the next generation of users
--- End quote ---

There are some little details of the deal.

--- Quote ---In addition to the investment, Google and KaiOS have also agreed to work together to make the Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, and Google Search available to KaiOS users. These apps have been developed specifically for the KaiOS platform, which is entirely web-based, using open standards such as HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS.

--- End quote ---

KaiOS is based on Linux (Monolithic kernel) and Firefox OS which is strange because Google is also investing on other OS project called Fuchsia (Zircon kernel - Hybrid kernel). Maybe for Google 22M is only the tip for making an agreement to run their platform (Assistant, Maps, YouTube, and Search) on their OS.  Maybe DuckDuckGo can give some money for the Firefox port if we change the default search tool for the browser :)  -joke-

Anyways, it is always interesting for me to check out how all the OSes chips are moving and how are they evolving.


Martin Iturbide:

Maybe someday we will see the a news headline like: "Google invests a $20 Google Play Coupon in OS/2".    ;D ;D ;D

It was also mentioned on The Register.

Martin Iturbide:

Thinking a little bit more about the subject. I would not be against for an OS/2 open source project to compromise something in return on money that would help their development.

For example an hypothetical situation: If some company like Google, Yahoo,  DuckDuckgo will offer money to Bitwise to be the default search engine for some years on their Firefox (or other browser) port. Since the final product is free of charge and open source, and also the final user will be able to change the default search engine, it would not upset me.

Maybe on commercial software, when the customer is already paying for the license of use, and in addition they are making some extra money on this kind of deals it would upset me more.


Note: This is "hypothetical" and part of a "what if" discussion, there is no illuminati conspiracy.

Dave Yeo:

--- Quote from: Martin Iturbide on June 29, 2018, 02:10:27 pm ---  Maybe DuckDuckGo can give some money for the Firefox port if we change the default search tool for the browser :)  -joke-

--- End quote ---

Well SeaMonkey gets some money every time a search is done by its default search engine of DuckDuckGo, so who knows.


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