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I have setup a Java applications page on my homepage. Each Java program which runs on my system gets its own page with how I did it including a download file with at least the command file and an OS/2 icon. Sometimes I put in other libs if they are hard to find. Today I have finished the new setup in English language, you can find it here;


I hope it will help some users. I want to add that its a way of running a program, not "the" or "the only way".
Have fun,


It's a great overview you've made Joop. I sometimes have problems with how to set up certain java programs; this will make it easier!

David McKenna:

  Thanks for creating this web site, you obviously have spent a lot of time testing apps. I will refer to it when I try some of these Java apps...

Thanks David and Melf for the compliments, my biggest concern is that it will grow out of proportions. We'll see where it will end, this setup gives some room to insert more programs and there are lots of them.

I updated today the Java applications page. Changed install instructions for Total Validator. Added GeoGebra, can be found in the map Educational programs.

Al can be found here;




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