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Books: Business Application Software for the IBM PC.


 :P well...here we are again, trying to move out with tons of stuff I am trying to let go of my excess IBM stuff from when I was a clean space designer for them along the Hudson...what is up? Now for your consideration are two olde spiral-bound soft cover books...each part of a set for Vintage IBM ref. I liked to use them back when I was teaching CADD...I am cert. by AutoDesk/AutoCAD and Genericadd (no longer around) but I still like to do alot of videos and animation even though I am retired and no longer teach...I am going to post pix of these on F.B. this PM...I am in the outer reaches of Atlanta GA now, but I live in CA. If you need a quote for Media Mail regardless of where you live...I can provide same. Each book is 12USD...I hate to part with these but they'll be affected by the heat in the move...tanks fur lookiin mon...btw my FB pg is... Oingo d'Boingo Post Script...don't worry 'bout duh dawgie she don't really bite that hard she jus' like to kinda look over stuff just in case...? Also I will furnish more info as to (C) dates...# of pages & the publishers and whatever suits your questioning if you're really interested.

Visit: https://www.facebook.com/oingo.dboingo

Martin Iturbide:

For what I see you are offering this two books in your facebook post.:
- Business Application Software for the IBM PC. Second Edition by Lon Ingalsbe
- Business Application Software for the IBM PC. Alternate edition with VP-Planner, dBase III/III Plis and WordPerfect. by Lon Ingalsbe

If by any chance you don't sell it and want to dispose it. (some times it happens). Please check the possibility of donating the books to the "Internet Archive Book Drive". It may take some time to be digitized, but at least those will be preserved instead of recycled.


Great Idea, if they don't sell I will walk them over to the Salvation Army as I don't drive any more... Thanks so much for your reponse. Take Care!


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