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Favorite OS/2 - ArcaOS - eCS Applications - 2018.

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Martin Iturbide:

I always ask this every year. Not because I forget about it (it is logged on the forums), but because I will like to asset if there are any change or anything interesting I may be missing .

So, the question is:
- What are your preferred or favorite OS/2 applications that you use ?
You can mention native, ported, close source, open source, freeware, java, DOS, Win16 or even odinized applications.

Just share your experience and comments.


- firefox but slow... (faster browser needed - May be "Pale Moon" base on firefox could be an alternative)
- injoy firewall (for safety) but slowdown my internet link
- openoffice
- pm123
- kmp or VLC
- ClamAVGUI with ClamAV :D
- AVxCAT with ffmpeg :D


Browser/email/news - Seamonkey
Office - OpenOffice
Multimedia - vlc and smplayer/mplayer
Image Viewer - PMView
DOS environment - dosbox
Develpoment - WDsibyl
CD/DVD burning - DVDTools



David Graser:
FM/2 - the swiss army knife of file managers.  So powerful with so many features, one may never master them all - this one program was why I originally stayed with OS/2 many years ago.  I have never encountered a file manager as powerful as this one.  File management has never been easier.

PMView-  Without this one program, there would be no descent graphic program.  I use this in my icon fabrication.

Open Office- It does everything I need it  to do.

I need Firefox and Seamonkey, however, they are still a pain in the ass to use until we get something better.

Holger Schuett:
Browser- Firefox 45.9 (works better for me than many have stated!)
Office - Papyrus (small, fast and sufficient for my needs)
Multimedia - Mplayer/PM123/AVxCat
CD/DVD burning - RSJ CD-Writer



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