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I have a large amount of books and software that I'd like to give away - so much that I haven't even made a list yet, but basically all of the decent OS/2 books covering the OS and software development that were written. Software wise, there are several versions of OS/2 and developer tools.

Before I start itemizing everything, is there anyone interested in picking up such a trove from Grenoble in France? [I would expect international shipping to be very expensive].


Martin Iturbide:
Hi Paul

I think it may be hard to find someone nearby, but maybe if you post the books that you have someone will be interest on paying the shipping for one or two.



International shipping isn't that expensive although that does depend on weight and destination. I have shipped things from Perpignan to Australia and found the biggest problem was the customs paperwork but that might not be a problem for you because the books are used.

It might be a good idea for you to have a look on the Chronopost web page - their help section is good. 

First, for the shipping cost, according to this https://boutique.laposte.fr/colissimo-en-ligne the cost is about 8euros per kilo up to 20 kilos to the USA or about 2euros per kilo up to 30 kilos for Europe (Germany and the UK, at least). I quickly weighed everything on my not too accurate bathroom scales, and the whole lot comes to about 70 kilos.

That would mean 3 or 4 parcels costing something like 560euros for the USA and 140euros for Europe. There are probably cheaper bulk shipping options for the USA.

The books are:

OS/2 Warp Unleashed
OS/2 C++ Class Library, Leong et al
Mastering OS/2 Rexx
Designing OS/2 Applications, Reich
Objects for OS/2, Danforth Koenen and Tate
OS/2 2.11 Power Techniques, Red Book
Real World Programming for OS/2 2.11
Ultimate OS/2 Programming Manual, Mueller
Power GUI Programming with VisualAge C++, Tsuji et al
Art of OS.2 2.1 Programming, Panov Salomon
OS/2 P|M Programming, Goodyer
VisualAge for C++, Nilsson
Effective Multithreading for OS/2, Dormann
OO Application Development with VisualAge C++, Carel-Billard et al
OO Programming, Lau
Programming OS/2 Warp GPI, Knight and Ryan

They are all in a fairly good state, with CDs and floppies.

Software (UK version where applicable)
SciLab Xact
Backmaster (not much use unless you have a QIC drive)
OS/2 Warp
OS/2 2.1
OS/2 2.0
SmartSuite 1.1
SmartSuite 97
CSet++ 2.1
CSet Documentation groups 1&2
Developers Toolkit
VisualAge C++
The Developer Connection (many many CDs worth)
Some other assorted CDs like Hobbes

I might have missed a few items, but that's essentially it.


Martin Iturbide:
WOW, that is what I call a great collection of OS/2 dev items !!!
I want them all but it will have prohibitive shipping cost to Ecuador :)


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