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Books and software clearout

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Tuure Linden:
Quite a collection I would say! I'm also interested in almost everything. But shipment to Finland would costs as much as 140 euros?  So maybe I don't want the whole collection... But are you also willing to ship individual items if I wrote you a list of what I'm most interested in?


Sorry for the slow reply.

I would like to give away everything in one go if at all possible. This would be less effort for me and I wouldn't end up having to dump half of it all in landfill   >:(

There are a lot of books, and the VisualAge and CSet++ compilers have paper documentation. Which is all very heavy.

I am noting everyone that expresses an interest, and if there are no takers will break up the lot on a first come first served basis.

In case anyone comes across this, I recently gave away all that was left to a local computer museam.

Martin Iturbide:
Thanks Paul for choosing not to destroy the software and giving it to a computer museum.
It will be awesome if you can share the name of the Museum, just in case someone is around there and eventually want to pay a visit to your stuff  ;D

Everyone: Just to have it documented on this thread from 2018, in the US there is always the option to send your books and software to the Internet Archive Book Drive. The Internet Archive is a non profit, non governmental, public library that wants to preserve/digitize all knowledge.

Thanks Paul !!


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