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Martin Iturbide:

First of all, I want to thank the people that sponsored my trip to Warpstock this year. If everything goes fine I will be there video streaming the event.

The agenda for Warpstock 2018 is now online and I want to ask you if have any questions about those topics that can be asked in anticipation of the event.

Also, I hope to be connected to #netlabs on the IRC those days to get questions for the speakers.


Hi Martin,

The burning question which I don't know which section it would fit is:  when are we likely to see a working USB 3.0 / 3.1 driver?

It is becoming almost impossible to use a modern motherboard because they are using USB 3.0 for keyboard and mouse connectors now ps/2 appears to be long gone. 

Eduardo Vila Echagüe:
Hola, Martín,

I see in the Agenda a topic: ArcaOS preloaded computers.

I would like to know it there will be any ArcaOS preloaded laptop.


Eduardo Vila Echagüe
Santiago, Chile

Hi ivan

You are nearly right about the lack of PS/2 sockets on current mainboards but I did notice 1 current mainboard that has both Mouse and Keyboard PS/2 sockets so if you are looking then check if this mainboard is suitable https://www.aria.co.uk/Products/Components/Motherboards/AMD+Socket/Socket+AM4+-+AMD+B450/ASUS+PRIME+B450M-K+-+AMD+RYZEN+MATX+DDR4+MOTHERBOARD+?productId=69841

We seem to have heard that USB3 drivers will be available in the near future for a while now...



Alex Taylor:
I imagine the best place to hear about USB driver development is in David's session on device drivers (Session 9). A USB 3.x HCI driver is under development and making steady progress.


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