Author Topic: C0000005 error  (Read 2602 times)

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Re: C0000005 error
« Reply #15 on: September 09, 2018, 11:04:31 pm »
Some entries from the readme,
Code: [Select]
PJ28355  SYS3175 (or other problems?) when booting a Pentium 4 machine when
         initializing testcfg.sys or apm.sys
PJ28355 part 2 -- some P4 machines STILL had boot problems
20040330 14.098b
      PJ29712 (os2ldr) final fix for boot blob hang on fast (around 3+ gHz) CPUs
PJ29712 redux: totally different boot blob fix. Ought to fix not only
       the P4 hang, but also probably the problem on some machines of
       the blob disappearing too quickly to hit alt-f1, etc.
JR20486  More sys3175 during bootup on Pentium 4s (and maybe Opterons?)
         with >512mb of RAM
JR20486 (again): Even more P4-related changes. Athlon64 likely still not
working reliably (or supported).
200507808  14.104
     Basically, a re-build of the above from an "official" build machine.
     *This build is safe for Pentium Pros. Note: 486SX CPUs are (and have
      always been) safe ONLY on the W4 kernel.

plus various os2ldr fixes and a few more for Pentium Pro. 14.104a I believe was the last freely available kernel from IBM.