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Sound not working on my laptop and the card was recognized

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Eugene Tucker:
I recently installed a version of ARCA OS 5.03 on a Dell laptop. I knew there was no wifi, But I had sound working in 5.02 and now it does not work at all. I had added a command to the config.sys line but have forgotten it. Anyone remember or know what I can do I am open to suggestions.

Matt Walsh:
Seemed to me when I reinstalled Arca 5.03 I had an extra click to get the sound system installed.  Your might compare settings in config.sys with prior config.sys (if you had a backup to look at.)
Matt W.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Eugene.

I'm now sure if I can be any help, but it may be interesting for me if you can tell the Dell laptop model that you are using and generate a PCI and lsUSB report and share it (Here I have an article on how to extract that information). I can include that information on the OS2World wiki, and with the

You are using Uniaud, right? and the one on 5.02 used to work fine. Can you check the current version of UniAud you have installed? Do you used to install an specific version of Uniaud on your Dell with 5.02, or did you used the one provided on the installer?


Which audio driver did you install ?
In my case, the audio driver had two adapters enabled and to make it work, I had to add a switch
Here is how I made audio work:

Eugene Tucker:
Thank all of you for your help. Remy's suggestion worked I must infor you all of in case anyone else has this issue. Again thank yo now al I need it wifi. :)


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