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Hi all, i lost all Window list configuration, so i can't switch between tasks simply clicking on its button into the eCenter, is there a way to reset the widget to default values?

Andreas Schnellbacher:
Just remove that widget and recreate it.

There are a few other options to try else, but this is the easiest one.


Done a lot of times, does not work

Andreas Schnellbacher:
OK. Next thing I would try is:

o  Move the mouse pointer over one of the 4 edges of the eCenter.

o  Click mouse button 2 to open the popup menu.

o  Execute menu item 'Create another'.

That should create a new eCenter bar with default values. You could
place one of both on the top, the other on the bottom. After that, you
should be able to D'n'D widgets between them to recreate the wanted
widget within your main eCenter object.

Done, an eCenter exactly like the firt one, sincerly, i don't know, this is my desktop, as you can see there are no buttons on widget, but there are more than one task.


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