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David Graser:
I have been testing using this version that came with ArcaOS 5.03 and must say that I am impressed.  This is the most stable release I have tried.  It has no problem playing youtube videos and the browser itself is very responsive.  This is by far the best I have used.  Although not quite as fast as its Windows version, it comes close.

I must also say that ArcaOS 5.03 is the most stable version yet.  I can only applaud the team and their effort and work so far.

Absolutely agreed. - Even though this Firefox release should have been made by Bitworks.. *g* - Still, all the involved parties did a great job realising these projects! - Thumbs up. Both of them. : )

Roderick Klein:
All releases of Firefox have been made by BWW since version 17 and the Thunderbird and Seamonkey builds depend for 100% on this port work they done.

Its fair to say the stability of ArcaOS is thanks to Arca Noae LLC who did a lot of fixing bugs in drivers of which some are SMP related.

The credit for the web browser goes to BWW. But be warned! Firefox 38 is starting to work on less and less websites. A user agent can help but OS/2 needs future browser. We need more donations:


David Graser:
I plan to continue to contribute.  It is nice to have a working browser for now.  I agree with you that a newer more up to date browser is needed.

André Heldoorn:
What is the browser identification string of the matching version of SeaMonkey?

In scripts I can use any latest Windows string to associate bandwidth abuse with those people, but I do prefer to use an older OS/2 string to promote awareness of, and support for, older browsers and OSes. So their statitics don't show that 99.9% of their visitors is using Windows and 64-bit Java. FF38, even available for Pentium II OS/2 CPUs, seems to be a good new bottom line by now.


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