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Captcha doesn't like old browsers

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Dave Yeo:
Had a report about someone trying to create an account here using FF 38ESR, probably the one that ships with ArcaOS, and can't get past the captcha due to too old a browser.
I take it the captcha is outsourced to Google. I told him to try changing user agent or contact Martin. Still something that will need fixing.
While on the subject, more sites seem to not work with our old browsers, yet changing the user agent makes them work, sites such as github.

Hi Dave

Am I right in thinking that there are a few variations of javascript? - and if "Yes" could it be that most websites use MS/Internet Explorers variation and that switching User Agent to Internet Explorer means that Seamonkey/Firefox uses the Internet Explorer javascript variant?

And, of course, there are a lot of websites that check which browser is in use and may not work or work properly if the browser/version is not in their "browser list".



Martin Iturbide:

I'm checking on that. It seems that Recaptcha was updated in some way that is incompatible with OS/2's browsers.
I had checked with Firefox 38.8.0 and it is not working.

I will check some other options.


Dave Yeo:
Thanks Martin. Just tested with 45.9 and it seems to work, at least it showed images before I cancelled.

Dave Yeo:
HI Pete. Generally the JavaScript compatibility has improved a lot between browsers with, I believe, Safari being the worst. The problem is JavaScript keeps evolving, so slowly old browsers will break. Really pages should test for capabilities rather then having a list but people are lazy or just don't know better.
Then there are sites like Github that seem to stop working for no good reason, except I guess being a Microsoft property now. In the case of Github, I just changed to the next ESR version, FF52, SM 2.49 and it started working though I guess there might be subtle breaks.
Until we get a newer browser, it is worth trying different user agents to see if it works.
OTOH, just tried FF38.8 as FF52 and still no captcha here so actually needs a newer browser


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