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Screen Recording with eComStation

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Sigurd Fastenrath:
While playing around with my X230T I did find (may be mentioned or noticed here before) a Screen Recording and Playing program, working with JAVA6 of OS/2 - eCS.

To be find here:


The Program "Converting" seems not to work but I did not test to much   :)

Martin Iturbide:

I tried it out. "screen_recorder.jar" records the video and save it as a .cap file.  "screen_player.jar" works fine to run the .cap file. test.cap (197KB) (here goes an screenshot).

About converter.
I run it like "java -jar screen_converter.jar test.cap" and it generated "test.mov" (17MB)

Martin Iturbide:
I uploaded the test.mov video to YouTube.


uhm.. I'm missing the flash plugin on my eCS VM, but it seems that the video was recognized and runs. But I don't know why it does not run as HTML5 YouTube. (checking on that) (Nevermind, I was out of the HTML5 Trial on YouTube, I enabled it again and worked ok on firefox without the Flahs plugin)

Sigurd Fastenrath:
Aha - good to now that converting works and in wich way :-)

I wonder - is there someone around who could program a small WPS application (with Rexx or whatever ;-) ) to include all three aplications in one?

Tried the record and playprogram on my system. I still have a P4 at 2.8 and then this program takes too much computer power. I'm using a Bamboo pen, this is the one and only pointing device I have on the system. So no mouse of some sort. I also have a pen on screen instead of the much seen arrow. And my pen is for left handed because it doesn't feel right if it is right handed (don't know if this is something between the ears). But in the recorded screen I see the classic arrow instead of my pen. So the question is what your going to record? I thought to make a nice video with how well the Bamboo pen works with the driver from Wim Brul, but I can't show how it is on my system unfortunately.

It works well with Java 1.6ga5, bugtracker file stays empty. 



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