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OS/2 4.52 to VirtualBox networking

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Valery Sedletski:
2Andy Willis: Hm, interesting. So, it's only accessible with VBoxManage. I did not
noticed any port forwarding settings in Qt GUI. OK, need to look at it, why it's not

PS: Hm, just looked at NAT settings in GUI: indeed, there is a "Port forwarding"
button there. So, I was not right.

Valery Sedletski:
Just tried the port forwarding in OS/2 host. On a WinXP guest, I enabled
the telnet service. It has the address:port My OS/2 host
has IP So, I enabled the TCP port forwarding from on host to on guest. So

--- Quote ---telnet -p 223

--- End quote ---

works. I was able to login into the WinXP telnet service, everything
is working fine!

Julien Pierre:

--- Quote from: Valery Sedletski on November 02, 2018, 11:47:56 pm ---Currently, VBox has only NAT networking option, so you can access the internet and local
network from within the OS/2 guest.

--- End quote ---

Virtualbox also has a bridging option. With the NAT option, you won't be able to see other machines on the LAN, in my experience.
I can mount shares from my Linux box via Samba using Arcamapper. But I get NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED when trying to mount from a Windows 10 host. Probably because the version of SMB ArcaOS supports is not current.


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