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Personal Tragedy

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On Friday, after an annual user conference for one of our company's applications, three co-workers were driving back to the office when a car in the oncoming lane crossed the center line and struck the vehicle head-on.  One person was killed on the scene due to injuries from her seatbelt.  One other was lifelined to a local hospital and remains in critical care with spine, neck, face, internal, and other injuries including two broken legs, and one broken arm.  The third passenger had lower spine, internal, and face trauma injuries.

In an instant, everything can change.  It gave me cause to reflect on the days or years of safe travels, the doldrums of uneventful lives, the safety and peace I've had without such personal tragedy.

Really eye opening.

I went to see them last night.

One is still in critical care with broken ankles, legs, one broken arm, spinal injuries, neck, kidney, other internal injuries.  The other is doing better. but has several surgeries in her future including facial reconstruction for a damaged eye socket. :-(

Given the head-on collision nature of the accident, they are both lucky to be alive.

Their names are Joy and Baylee.  Joy is in critical care.  And Jane was the one who died on the scene. :-(

It's really hit me hard.  Jane lost her mother not too long ago.  All three ladies were/are fun, likeable people, each as different as night and day.

Eugene Tucker:
I will be praying for them. My daugther was in a terrible wreck over a year ago in Indy.

The one with broken ankles is out of surgery.  She may lose one foot.

Our company will be having a full employee/staff meeting this morning, and is offering grief counseling to anyone who requests it.

This will be my last post about this tragedy.  It's such a great and sudden loss to our company.  One death, two employees' lives changed forever, not to mention their families, friends, co-workers, each impacted in countless ways. :-(

It really makes you realize just how thin the thread is.

These three women were driving down the road obeying all of the traffic laws, doing what they should be doing in traveling, and something outside of their control took charge of their lives and impacted them ... not only physically, but with a lasting touch that will endure for the rest of their and their families' lives.

My thoughts and prayers are with them, and I have offered to help them and their families in whatever way I can.


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