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Personal Tragedy

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An update:  We had the funeral service.  It was overflowing.  Such a beloved person.

One of the two women has gone home and will soon start physical therapy for recovery.

The other one is still having surgeries, may lose her foot, and has many months still left in hospital, and will never be the same again.  Her husband is also not in good health and is unable to drive himself back and forth to the hospital.

Our company has come together and poured out love, affection, and help.  It's been a really heartwarming to see.

Dariusz Piatkowski:

These types of situations can be (are) tough. A co-worker of mine, whom I knew for some years, committed suicide a few years back. Like you said, that stuff hits hard.

For what it's worth, and given the significance of this tragedy, stay positive because you never know how many people around you may be drawing their strength from seeing yours!

Take care.

Thank you, Dariusz.  One man at our work is sandwiched between three cubicles now empty from the accident.  A daily blow to be sure.

Be strong. Keep holding on to hope. Thanks for sharing this.


--- Quote from: Blasios Vlachos on January 08, 2019, 07:39:57 pm ---Be strong. Keep holding on to hope. Thanks for sharing this.

--- End quote ---

Thank you.

The woman who was the worst injured of the two survivors was able to keep her foot.  She had the last of the pins in that foot removed today.  She has been able to stand and put weight on her feet, but isn't mobile yet.  She's also been able to return to eating solid foods, and has had her back and neck braces removed.

People from our office have been going to see her.  She's in good spirits, but has moments where she becomes very sad.  She's asked to "speak to a Chaplain" on the last visit.  Our work is trying to arrange somebody to go and see her.


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