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Fastest tcp/ip throughput in OS/2?

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Dariusz Piatkowski:
Yeah...as simple as it sounds, what are the fastest TCP/IP rates you are seeing in Firefox (or Seamonkey I suppose) in OS/2? (u/l and d/l)

The reason I ask: I recently upgraded to a Gigabit Fibre to Home setup. Previously was using a Fibre to Box and Coax to home and that was getting me a 125 Mbps, which was steadily supplied and no complaints on my OS/2 machine (other then the initial trouble I had, but that was a cable issue).

Well, now with the full Gigabit (confirmed with a modem speed test itself) I am just barely hitting 140Mbps in OS/2 (testing on https://www.speedtest.net/) while the Win7 box is hitting 340 Mbps (yeah, it sucks, my crappy Netgear X6 R8000 router is a POS, advertised as Gigabit, but hell no...nowhere near). This is on a hard-wire side, not even talking WiFi.

If you are hitting higher speeds, what are your setups? I'm using the MMRE 1.1.3 drivers here which drive the motherboard NIC (RealTek 8139C+/8169/8169S/8110S/8168/8111/8101E family).


Matt Walsh:
I can get 112mb/sec on Windows and 42 mb/sec on Arca with the latest drivers.  Mostly seem to slow down due to CPU overload with all the ads on lots of sites.   I have a dual core athalon A6-7470 and better CPU's on Windows due to it's need for faster hardware to perform.  I do have latest Arca MultiMac drivers, but haven't tried any special editing of files.  Hope this helps.

Rolf Gachnang:
I only have a subscription for max 50 Mbps. That's enough for me.
Under Windows, eCS / ArcaOS and Ubuntu, I'm exactly as fast on all systems. I come to 52 Mbps.
On Windows, I have an Intel I217-LM chip on board.
Under eCS 2.2 and ArcaOS I have a RTL 8169S-32 card.
Under Ubuntu I have a RTL 8111.
Under eCS I have the driver "Realtek 8111/8168/8169 (MultiMac32-R8169)" (R8169.OS2 Sep 2015). Under ArcaOS I have the driver Realtek 8139C + / 8169 / 8169S ... (MultiMac32-MMRE)" (MMRE.OS2 Oct 2017).


Daniel Carroll:
Mr. Walsh. You may want to try an add blocking Hosts file. The site  http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm is Windows oriented but the plain text version at http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.txt may be used directly.

Your hosts file should be found at x:\mptn\etc\hosts, where "x" is your boot drive. If you have not modified your hosts file you can just back it up to, say, "hosts.bak" and replace it with the downloaded file. It is a commented text file. Not only does it block lots of ads (adverts) it also blocks many malware sites. The file at the site is updated regularly.

Matt Walsh:
Thanks Daniel.  Didn't get faster on speedtest, but nice to have less ads.


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