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Martin Iturbide:

I got an email letting me know about this ebay bid, just in case someone is interested.

"Sealed OS/2 Warp Version 4  IBM OS/2 Operating System 1990's...with original product box-never opened with cd and support info. inside! Winner to rec. the essential book for IBMers... "OS/2 PROFESSIONAL REFERENCE, 828 pp. plus this guide has the orig. reg. card...Besides OS/2 being in its orig. shrink wrap, there are two other items in this SPECIL IBMer bundle w/ a sealed O/S2 PROMO and the LOTUS NOTES Express for OS/2...also sealed & a VERY RARE NOS treasure!



The guy who put this listing up is an odd bean.  He has actually been listing and re-listing this same copy since September, and no one ever bites (for reasons that might become obvious).  At first, I wasn't quite sure that he even knew what he had...the first listing of it labeled it an "OEM" release of Warp 4 and he provided a part # of 10H9810, which is Warp Connect blue-box, not Warp 4.  It also had no photo of the actual box, but some other bizarre image that had no relation to OS/2 or anything else for that matter.  When I asked him to take a picture of the box itself to see exactly what he was talking about, he said "done" and then directed me to search for his wife's Facebook page, which is where he posted it.  ?!?!?  After that I was like, "forget it"...

I've since concluded that he really does have a sealed Warp 4 (upgrade license) to sell, and he just doesn't have the first clue about how to use eBay.  For example, the main image on his listing is not the box itself, but the "bonus" CDs he is throwing in.  At first he didn't even have the box picture attached to the listing, but he eventually added it later.  And after it failed to sell with a minimum starting bid of $62, when he re-listed it this last time, he upped the minimum to $66.   :o ::)  ;D

For what it's worth, there's currently also another guy who *also* has a sealed Warp 4, *also* an upgrade license, (*also* slightly-crushed box in lower-left front corner, heh), *also* "Y2K sticker" / no "bonus" microphone (presumably), as a BIN for $0.01 less @ $65.99 (and $3.66 cheaper on shipping) with "Make Offer" enabled, and *his* copy isn't even selling.  It is here.  This surprises me because most sealed Warp 4s that show up on eBay within that price range (upgrade part# or not) tend to sell pretty quickly...

-- Nathan

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Nathan.

I really don't want to put much effort on this, I think you comments are right. I just wanted to help this user posting his offering on the OS2World marketplace forum since he wrote me to my email.
If the price is too high and the offering confusing, let's just move on.



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