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Future of Ulrich's xTracker


Andreas Schnellbacher:
In the nearer past, I had growing problems with Ulrich's xTracker:

-  The certificate has expired (OK, exception added to SeaMonkey).
-  My account doesn't work anymore.
-  I can't create a new account (with another user name).
-  The URL is not available many times, e.g. now.

What can I do? Any suggestion?

I want to answer a message in a bug report of mine and create a new one. That affects XWP and maybe WarpIN. (I'm glad I had moved my project to Trac.)

Ian Manners:
Hmm, I cant even get, probably just one of those 'things' that happen on the internet.

Added, maybe just maintenance. Hey, it's the last day of 2018, web traffic dives, what better time to fix things :)

Andreas Schnellbacher:
No, isn't down. See Jan's blog and the old pages. Trac and SVN work as well. The Trac "Available Projects" page is really slow, but it was always slower than others. But I can remember that already hours ago, when I've commited to svn, it was slower then usual.

The site is not related to Ulrich's site and services. His xTracker was hosted by him on his site.

Ian Manners:
Hi Andreas,

I checked and the svn, rpm sites, all were down from here and via when I checked last night, checking this morning everything else is up but is still down. So.. sorry, back in Ulrich's court re Ulrich's xTracker.



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