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What is this? -- ArcaOS 5.02 kidding me? - What is PlayTime?

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just checked...
- chkdsk /f on cmd.exe in the ArcaNoae Maintenance Shell --> no errors found
- BIOS for temperatures and voltages --> both OK
- if I can reproduce by repeating the mount of the ArcaOS root partition under linux, created a file, wrote data in it, umounted, rebooted, had a look on "Drive C:" and it's properties dialog --> Tab "Include" --> no problems at all, everything normal

So.. I cannot reproduce. : /
I'll run a memtest later on, overnight.


Andreas> It looks to me as if EAs got lost.

I've read about EAs in the chkdsk translation table, but not sure what this is. Are these temporary files on the partition, to store stuff about each directory?

Andreas>[..] you can try to delete EAs of a few files and folders

How do I do this? Do I need special tools for this?

Andreas>The Include setting that you describe is most-likely saved in a folder's .CLASSINFO EA. File objects like files and dirs store such info there.

How can I see these files? Are they indeed stored in each directory? Do I need to mount this JFS partition in another non-OS/2ish operating system to see them?
Sorry to ask no0bish questions, but NOT asking would be even more nO0bish.. ; )

Dave Yeo: is a good start.
Personally at this point, I wouldn't worry too much. Probably a bit got flipped, the smiley face was just a coincidence and hopefully it won't happen again. JFS does use Unicode and the smiley is a Unicode character.
Keep an eye on the partition in case any similar errors appear. Hard drives can deteriorate without triggering smart. You can also have things like cosmic rays cause one time errors.

Sean Casey:
From what you describe, CPU temp isn't the problem.  As a note, the BIOS often times uses a sensor that has nothing to do with the on-die sensors.  I have had stability issues due to a single core overheating on a large multi core chip.  Using something like lm-sensors while loading all cores with mprime is good way to read the temps across each core to detect how evenly each is getting cooled.  A large difference in temps would have me reapplying compound.

Booting from a Linux live CD will give you access to a variety of utilities for testing.

I can be pretty lazy and would wait for the problem to happen again before spending the time to diagnose the problem.  It's good there was no file corruption.

Andreas Schnellbacher:
Tools for EAs:

I think Rich already wrote a few days ago almost the same in another thread.

1. Henk Kelder's EA Browser (EABROWSE.EXE, file selection is a bit cumbersome)
2. FM/2's EA Viewer (EAS.EXE, can also add and delete)
3. lxLite's noEA.exe (only deletion)
4. XWP's second File properties page of file sytem objects (only viewing)

Good news: Memtest went fine and without errors.

Dave, okay, the smily could be an unicode character, but how about the string ¨PlayTime¨ instead of the other string, that is usually there?
But I do agree, I will keep an eye on the partition, and monitor its condition, also the running tasks, config.sys and co.

I might also try out some of the tools, that Andreas has posted.. but that maybe in a virtual machine, to practice the usage of these tools.. : )

Thanks to you all, for your great ideas!! \o/
When there is something new, I will keep you posted here.


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