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What is this? -- ArcaOS 5.02 kidding me? - What is PlayTime?

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Just wondering if ¨PlayTime¨ could be metadata from a media file that has somehow been transposed to the C: drive - maybe during a drive glitch.



I am not sure that this procedure can help you in your problem, but as it is very simple
I would tell you to try it.
This procedure is valid to solve graphical problems, in the manhjon, true spectra,
and virtualbox (refresh the screen)

Select the xcenter properties, and in the *view* windows, you remove the *Open xcenter automatically* mark.
Close the xcenter
Restart the system.

When you show the desktop, you start the FREEMEM.exe application, wait 30 seconds, close it if you want,
this is not necessary.

Everything is ready.

The xcenter should not be opened, if you want another application similar to the xcenter,
 you can use the SB2_TWS.exe
I attached the links you may need:


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