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What is this? -- ArcaOS 5.02 kidding me? - What is PlayTime?

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Thank you for the answers!! Very interesting!
Never had this before... but I used to only have OS/2 Warp 3 on HPFS.

When you say this issue were there already way before ECS, could this have started with Warp 4.x and JFS?

Only asking this, because when I had finished writing the above text, I shut down the ArcaOS 5.02 machine (JFS as system partition), there is the usual dialog on the lower left of the screen, showing the status of dismounting etc..
When that dialog appeared, it was there unusually long, showing an exception unmounting the JFS partition, it tried again, and worked out then!

Reboot ArcaOS 5.02 again, it went through the usual boot sequence, said drive C: filesystem okay, went on, until after the FAT32 driver... and then hung up before graphical mode started!
Pushed the reset button after a long while (since nothing was happening) resulted in chkdsk on the next boot for C:.
But chkdsk found no errors... then everything loaded just fine and was like before.

So, I suppose in my case it could have to do with an inconsistency with the JFS-filesystem.
Another thing, that brings me to that thought is, that I had transferred a file via linux mount to the very same JFS partition of ArcaOS. (had lspci > myfile) to send Lewis an overview over my hardware to debug a problem with smartmontools)
But since then I had rebooted the ArcaOS machine atleast two or three times without noticing any problems.

So.. could have to do with this, but that`s not proven yet. I will try on, and then supply screenies if it happens again!

Dave Yeo:
You might want to boot to a maintenance partition or the system management thing in the ArcaOS installer and run chkdsk c: /f on the drive.

Doug Bissett:

--- Quote ---Static electricity??
--- End quote ---

While static electricity may cause intermittent problems, the symptoms are rarely the same every time, or what somebody else sees. It takes a pretty good spark, to affect a properly grounded computer.

--- Quote ---they tell me to turn it off 20 to 30 minutes,
--- End quote ---

While that may actually help, anything more than about 1 minute is a feeble attempt to put the problem off, until the next shift comes in. If the next shift know what was said, they will just tell you to turn it off over night, so it comes back to the guy who tried to put it off.

--- Quote ---1- no continues
--- End quote ---

This is good, if you are working on something important, but not good, if you are attempting to find out what caused the problem. In this case (when I have seen it), it is usually possible to finish what you are doing (or save it), then address the problem (reboot, or WPS restart), before continuing.

--- Quote ---2- a restart in time will remove many problems.
--- End quote ---

It is actually more likely, that whatever you turn off got reset properly, or it cooled down enough to work for a while. The reset will happen in less than 1 minute. Cooling down can take longer, but the problem will be back when it gets hot again. A "restart in time" is effectively a reboot, and most of the time, it will fix a problem, until it comes back again. If 1 minute doesn't do it, there is something else wrong.

--- Quote ---You might want to boot to a maintenance partition or the system management thing in the ArcaOS installer and run chkdsk c: /f on the drive.
--- End quote ---

In this case, it won't help.

Hi Mathias

I have seen similar problems with hardware failures.

In 1 instance a SATA power lead had become partially disconnected - I had probably knocked it when closing the case a little earlier - and removing and reinserting the lead resolved the issue.

Another instance was caused by a failing power supply which was resolved by replacing the power supply.

A common problem for systems using a standard fan/heatsink for cpu cooling is that the fan and heatsink can get clogged with dust which causes the cpu to gradually overheat resulting is strange things happening onscreen. Cleaning fan and heatsink - or replacing them - resolves various system problems. Case fans also benefit from a cleanup from time to time.



Dave, I will definitely try this out! Thanks! : )

Pete, thanks for your hints also. I am sure though, the machine is, hardware-wise, fine. Should be a software issue indeed. For the history of what has been done before with the computer, it`s likely that the file system may have been corrupted, leading to this weird issue.

Interesting though, why does the attribute dialog says ¨PlayTime¨ with a smily (see upmost (first) post)...


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