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2001 OS/2 related repos on Github
« on: January 24, 2019, 03:16:43 pm »

Today I reached the 2001 repositories mark on the OS2World Github Organization.

I started to organize all the OS/2 related source code I was able to find on 2012  and I still have more places when I need to look for source code. The idea was not to resurrect all project, but to have the source code in a public place where it can be indexed, searched and reused for a variety of reasons like looking for source code samples and documentation.

Today I can say that the organization is not perfect and there can be some issues on the repositories, but it is interesting to put more OS/2 source code on the public eye and I'm having fun searching inside the zip files of old CDs.

Github and git repositories are still a learning experience for me, so if someone has a suggestion or knows tools for github that can be useful  (like finding duplicated code on the same organization), please let me know.

I'm still looking for more OS/2 books development samples (that use to came in a diskette with the book) and more OS/2 source code.

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