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Martin Iturbide:

I want to start now with some DOS games on ArcaOS. Which DOS games do you suggest to try/test on ArcaOS ?
This Internet Archive page can help with some ideas/insipiration.

I want to try both ways, the DOS VDM  and DOSBox, and see how everything goes.

From the other game thread I kind of understoodd that I'm limited with DOS VDM with the sound support until we have an updated DTA driver with DOS support. I haven't found any other way to get DOS sound with Uniaud yet.

Please let me know of any links to the old days when people used to post links of the suggested DOS VDM configuration for each game.

Suggestion, comments and feedback is always welcome. 


Martin Iturbide:
I got these:

- OS2World Gaming Site - DOS List. It list some games and if it needs GOSierra, vCompat, etc).
- eGamer: App and database. I have to check on this.


Roderick Klein:
Aaah Martin, thanks! I had mentioned that to you in a private email (I think). That was the database I was thinking about with DOS settings! The egamer database I mean.

As for UNIAUD there is no way that I know of that you can get DOS audio from a DOS application.
In my opinion for DOS games you would need to emulate a Soundblaster 16, Pro or Soundblaster. Other cards is fun but you need *a* way for the DOS games to access a sound device. The old SB card range seems to make the most sense. For performance reasons you would need to use a VDD that communicates with the DTA.


Martin, I`ve started with Epic`s Secret Agent Man and found it fully working (as long as you select speaker as sound source).
Next I tried Epic`s Extreme Pinball. (Both games that I loved to play back then in DOS times)

With Extreme Pinball I have a weird situation: The demo (only having one table ¨Rock Fantasies¨) works excellent in ArcaOS DOS Full Screen. The full version of Extreme Pinball however, I didn`t get working, regardless which DOS settings I tried. Can you reproduce this?

Roderick, this sounds like an awesome idea: A sound card wrapper driver, that emulates a widely used card, the SB16 or AWE32, and maps through to UNIAUD..
Hard to believe nobody made such a thing yet. :o - The SB16 driver should be open source on linux for istance, so people knowing how to write drivers (and have some spare time.. :>) should be able to write such a thing. :o

Hi All

Could the soundcard source from DOSBox be used as a starting point in creating a virtual soundblaster for DOS proper?




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