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Martin Iturbide:
Sorry, I slipped the topic since I want to focus on my testing of ArcaOS - OS/2 native games (or natively compiled games for the platform).

Thanks Dave, I will be testing 2Pong.
I'm also trying to fins some source code of the other SDL games that are not running or have a SDD dependency.


Martin Iturbide:

Was someone able to run this game:
- Fish Fillet   1.0.1      SDL              GNU GPL      *** No run

It does not run for me. I had run it with "fillets >stderr.txt 2>Whatever.txt"
and I get this error:

--- Quote ---main.cpp:117: ERROR init file not found; path='/fillets/share/games/fillets-ng/script/init.lua'; systemdir='/fillets/share/games/fillets-ng'; userdir='C:\Home/.fillets-ng'; hint='try command line option "systemdir=path/to/data"'
--- End quote ---

I tried copying the share directory of this game on several locations but I still can not make it run.

Any tips?


Hi Martin,

Have you looked at the OS/2 games produced by Daniel F Valot http://dvalot.free.fr/OS2programs.html  He has some nice disk programs there as well.

Martin Iturbide:
Hi Ivan

Yes, I have those games on my map but it is good that you remind me, because I have to check if there are newer versions that I missed for the OS2World Gaming Site.


Martin Iturbide:

By the way, I'm taking some time to update the OS2World Gaming Site, because since the 2012 HDD crash some files where missing.
The action and adventure categories had been updated: https://www.os2world.com/games/index.php/native-games

I'm missing some files from:
- DimKum
- Empire



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